When We Go Coach,
Our Clients Get Upgraded.

Our goal as professional coach is very straight forward. We enable, inspire, educate, and motivate clients to improve performance by establishing a trusting and encouraging–yet challenging–relationship with each individual we coach.

Coaching is commonly referred to as a non-directive effort.This means that normal course of interacting is for the coach to elicit the expertise and abilities that already are present, and exploit these capabilities.

Sure, we provide expertise and are always glad to impart knowledge. But the coaching experience with Global Context is much, much more than that.

Have you ever heard anyone say “Well, it’s always worked for me before…” when you can clearly see it isn’t going to this time?

Our coaching methods stimulate a profound awareness of not only one’s own knowledge, but perhaps more importantly, the “cognitive blind spots” or communicating habits that might be in the way of realizing one’s full potential.

We’re very fortunate to have so many clients that are highly talented, experienced, and in many cases, have already achieved some success. You see, to them it’s all about getting to the next level of performance. But doing so often means confronting these blind spots that have resulted from experience, perceptions, biases–even one’s past successes.