First, we’ll take whatever time is needed to determine the perfect engagement between your team and our staff. And then, together, we’ll achieve things you wouldn’t have thought possible only days earlier.To give you an idea of the kind of things we do, here’s several recent projects we’ve done with clients:

Customer/Vendor/Strategic Relationships

No matter where on the planet they’re located, get the most from your important relationships by learning how world cultures effect all communications (e.g., verbal and non-verbal), follow through, commitments, priorities, and what constitutes an ‘agreement’.

Greater Operational Efficiency

Gain better resource utilization through more effective—and  quicker to resolve—conference calls, emails, and other interpersonal dialogues.

Ultimate Resource Alignment

Many organizations believe all their people are well aligned on priorities, processes, and expectations. Yet time after time the very same teams find that they’ve been mistaken – but only after the damage has been done. We know how to help you put a stop to it.

Repairing Trust / Rebuilding Credibility

Didn’t think you were going to !@#$% things up, did ya? Thought you had it all under control, eh? Wish you had called us first, huh?

Sales Pipeline: Design Wins & Forecasting

Increase your understanding of your customer’s cultural environment and its influence on their motivations, priorities and decision-making. Your organization will be able to improve closing techniques, and on-going sales forecasting.

Market Dev. & Customer Requirements

Improve your market feedback by understanding cultural listening habits, building trusting dialogues, and deciphering “high context” cultures and their indirect responses.

Critical Incident Triage

Someone blew it. We try to fix it 🙂