It’s no surprise that in today’s global business environment the corporate workplace is very different than it was just a few years ago.
And when it comes to managing and working with a multicultural workforce, your experience and past accomplishments are not the panacea they once were for getting results.

Ever wonder why companies with tons of talent, experience and expertise and can still have issues with mistrust, miscommunication, or misalignment? Did we “mis” anything at your company? Whether it’s between employees, managers, teams, with overseas staff, or anyone that needs to communicate with vendors and customers,

By drastically improving the way people communicate, create trust, and build relationships across cultures, Global Context’s clients consistently reach new levels of  performance. And with results that impact the bottom-line.

In fact, we’ll guarantee it.

Because it’s a world of world of difference.

We believe real breakthroughs in performance only occur when there’s real behavioral change, and not three-ring binders that sit and collect dust on book shelves.

That’s why we’ve integrated the latest research in cognitive and behavioral sciences and intercultural expertise into all of our consulting, coaching, and training programs.

“One of the most innovative and creative business consultant groups I have had the pleasure to work with.

Stuart’s personality and enthusiasm coupled with a keen sense of international relations enabled us to succeed across cultural differences. I don’t believe anyone else could have done it.”


“Provided an excellent insight to the multicultural communications both within my team and for the many cultures we communicate with.

If you have ever considered yourself a multinational business person, I highly recommend a discussion with Global Context. You will be enlightened.”


“Stuart Friedman’s expertise helped me vastly improve the appearance and message of a critical presentation, my overall presentation skills, and gave me greater confidence.

Friendly and personable, Stuart had me feeling comfortable with something that would have otherwise been a grueling and anxiety-producing process.”


For nearly a decade, Global Context has helped clients overcome the challenges of working in a 21st century’s globalized and diverse business environment.

We offer in-person, individual and group training and coaching programs that will benefit just about every functional group in your organization – with any level of experience.

Global Context specializes in tailoring it’s coaching services and training programs to client-specific, critical needs.

Here’s a sample of some recent programs we created for our clients: